W17 – Holiday + Fly

Double size wall bed mod. HOLIDAY with vertical opening and sofa mod. FLY.

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HOLIDAY is a modern vertical bed characterized by a refined style.
The element of distinction are the 16 cm side front strips: this allows for internal shelves that serve as a nightstand and give harmony to the whole. It has a completely hidden integrated mechanism. Opening and closing of the bed are assisted by gas pistons and can be managed with the bed “ready-made” as spaces for blankets are also provided.
The bed base, made of wooden slats with elastic bands, favours the transpiration of the mattress and supports it to provide additional comfort.

FLY is a sofa integrated with the transformable system, which allows the bed to be opened without removing the sofa backs. The seats are made of natural down with a non-deformable foam insert and lined with cotton. The cover is completely removable.

After checking the feasibility, we also manage customized solutions.