SPACE Wash&Dry


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    SPACE Wash&Dry

    Square smart washbasin with space for combination washing machine. Optimal solution for the small bathroom

    SPACE Wash&Dry is a specially designed sink with an integrated combination machine, laundry and dryer adapted for the small bathroom. SPACE Wash&Dry also has matching mirror cabinets with LED lighting above and below cabinets and electrical outlets.

    The module can also be combined with various other storage units. The combination machine has the capacity for a full 6 kg of laundry and 4 kg of dryer and 1,300 revolutions of spin. 16 different programs including wool programs, fast programs and automatic wash&dry programs such as washing and drying in 59 min.

    The sink is made of Cast Stone and has an integral detachable soap cup. The washbasin is available in two sizes 60 x 60 cm and 60 x 50 with then for washing machine only. The washbasin is available in white and in different colors for a surcharge.

    SPACE Wash&Dry increases your freedom and flexibility in everyday life and increases the value of your condominium according to broker estimates by SEK 50-60 thousand.