With smart solutions your bathrooms can be more effective. You might want to fit in a washing machine?


We have a lot of beds, but no-one is for bed use only. All beds have good sleeping comfort and is easy to use. They are constructed to be risk free to convert, even for small people. You can har your own bed or a guest bed in places you did not know you had. Don't buy an unnecessary big apartment


Chairs should be beautiful in your home, and comfortable to use. If you miss space to place them, you cold store them in a wall shelf.

Kid's room

Miss the kids playground? Take advantage of the place where they sleep. Is it difficult to embed children's bunk bed? We have different solutions.


Smart and efficient kitchen and dining areas mean that you can have many guests in the small space, or have a dishwasher where you did not think it was possible, or have solutions so you can also access the high-rise cupboards.


Why not use the space for your sofa to an easy use and comfortable bed place, or the other way around create a living space out of your bed place?


Of course, you need space for your things even in a small home. Smart storage solutions help, e.g. around the integrated sofa-bed space.


Smart tables? Yes, a table for twelve people can be put together to a minimal side-board. A coffee table can easily become a dining table for six people, in the same place, or a decent computer room. A work table can be joined with a bed space.