Metropolis 001

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    METROPOLIS is the par excellence ‘transformer’ in that it disguises the bed inside a full-scale storage unit with shelves and a TV compartment that gives absolutely no hint of its actual intended function.

    In this way, we can experience an absolutely elegant daytime environment complete in every part, avoiding the large gaps left by the panels that usually hide beds. The transformation takes place through a simple rotation controlled by sturdy mechanisms ensuring truly smooth movement that does not compromise the stability of objects placed on the shelves. Another strong-point over and above stability and reliability is that operation needs no wheels or support points on the floor while turning; there is consequently no risk of ruining flooring and the system can even be used easily over rugs or carpets.

    MILANO is designed to house an LCD TV, and stores the electrical wiring in the load-bearing structure itself with a chamber for the appliance that hides everything away to retain high design impact.